18-year-old becomes world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu four months after arriving in the United States

Lani Strijbosch prepared differently than other teenagers by training her mind from an early age

NEW YORK, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After working with top coach, consultant and trainer Dris Mi, aka Coach Dris, Lani Strijbosch is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and a scholarship winner for the University of Southern California.

Strijbosch is one of many people whose work with Coach Dris helped them achieve their goals. among them a pilot, surfers, car racers and entrepreneurs.

Coach Dris blends techniques from positive psychology, sports psychology, neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience, and Eastern philosophy to help his clients maximize their potential.

Strijbosch lived in baliwhere Coach Dris was at the time, for years isolated from jiu-jitsu competitions and the traditional style of training found in the West.

“She didn’t have all the facilities that the West usually offers to young American athletes. She had to improvise a lot. But what kept her going was that we worked on the mental game from a very young age. age,” coach Dris said. “Mental skills are the biggest advantage.”

Dris’ methodology and approach to high performance coaching is what sets him apart.

“The mental game is usually overlooked. People only do the mental work when there are problems. In Lani’s case, she started training her mind at the same time as she was training her body and her technique” , said coach Dris.

His training process was very systematic, which allowed him to focus more; this enhanced his fighting technique using mental imagery conditioning techniques and allowed him to enter a high performance state on demand.

“Lani has benefited from the holistic and high performance coaching program. She has become calm, focused, more engaged and not distracted,” Coach Dris said.

After less than five months United States, Strijbosch became world champion with a purple belt. Soon, she will get a brown belt at 19, which is a remarkable feat.

“Coach Dris is not economy class; with him it is first class. I trusted him to help my daughter. Now she is Asian, pan-pacific and Malaysian and a world champion,” said said Strijbosch’s father, Oscar Strijbosch.

Coach Dris’ mission is to empower, inspire and contribute to the growth and success of ambitious people who pursue meaningful and purposeful lives. He helps clients boost their professional success by helping them stay focused on the process and working on what matters most to them.

Coach Dris was also to be the head coach of one of China’s national surfing teams. Hainan Island in March 2019. Her holistic approach to training has helped improve their results.

“We provide you with a holistic improvement plan to transform and train your mind, to become better at what you do,” Coach Dris said.

For more information about Coach Dris, who works internationally, and to get a free consultation, visit coachdris.com.

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Coach Dris is an experienced, high level coach, consultant and trainer. With over 12 years of international experience, working with founders, managers, athletes, startups and corporations, Coach Dris has gained rare insight into the factors that lead people to success. His coaching approach is practical and methodical. Coach Dris blends techniques from Positive Psychology, Sports Psychology, NLP, Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy to help his clients maximize their potential.

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