Bail Bonds, Youth Counseling in Clubhouse Enforcement Case: Court | Bombay News

Mumbai: A magistrate court that granted bail to Haryana youth Akash Suyal (18) who was arrested in the Clubhouse app case ordered him to follow advice on general social behavior and netiquettes-standards of behavior when using social media and other online platforms.
The court ordered him to submit a report after the sessions ended. He held that even though the defendant crossed all bounds of decency and morality by posting information on social media platforms, his conduct could be dealt with by imposing conditions.
While Suyal was released on bail on Thursday, a detailed order was made available on Monday. He was arrested in January and the indictment was filed last month.
In the bail plea submitted by attorneys Pankaj Bafna and Akshay Bafna, Suyal said his father died in the line of duty while serving in the military in 2021. Seeking parity with d other defendants granted bail earlier, Suyal’s plea said it is shocking to note that despite being the youngest among the defendants, he was not released on bail.
Metropolitan Magistrate Komal Sing Rajput said: “The accused is 18 years old, a student and the son of a widowed mother. He is the only main person in his family. These aspects collectively lead to the inference that keeping him in prison will personally affect him and his family and future prospects.
The court also noted that while it appeared at first glance that he was involved in the discussions, the possibility of the trial starting and concluding in the near future seemed remote. “Bail is the rule and prison is exceptional. Pre-trial detention is not recommended and cannot be authorized as a sanction,” the magistrate said.
He said the fugitives had not yet been arrested and those arrested were on bail. “… therefore, his age, the nature of the offense and the ensuing examinations…, the request must be authorized…”, declared the magistrate.

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