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What does it take to become the best modeling agency of modern times? Learn industry secrets from seasoned, experienced experts at Beverly Models.

You never know when or where you’ll find the next new model, but you can bet someone from Beverly Models will be looking.

—Nitin Sarna

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 14, 2022 / — Beverly Models, a brand formed under Beverly Media INC., is a rising talent and modeling agency striving to earn the place of best modeling agency not only in the United States but also around the world. With their parent agency operating in Los Angeles, the agency has founded various subsidiaries across borders, providing training in modeling, Bootcamp, production and related services to multiple talent pools. With inclusivity and diversity as core values, the agency explores all industry trends to help its teams accelerate their path to growth and success.

Diversity in the modeling industry involves cutting out different ages, sizes, and ethnicities. In the past, a modeling agency would only work with models that met specific male and female criteria with notable traditional mass appeal. From now on, becoming the best modeling agency is above all a question of diversity, not only within the myriad of talents but also within the agency’s teams.

Several modeling agencies and hiring partners are working to beat conventional ideas of beauty in hopes of changing public perception, becoming more relatable to the masses, and bringing creative and original ideas to the forefront of industry. Beverly Models is one such company that strives to become the best modeling agency through diversity and inclusivity in all areas through its various subsidiaries and partnerships around the world.

Talent at Beverly Models is considered the creative vehicle in the modeling world, essential for conveying a message, concept, idea or even an entire story through a single act, image, video or runway walk. Although young, the company, with the help of its experts with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, has already made a huge impact with its cutting-edge and innovative approach in the talent and agency sectors. dummies.

However they are acquired, talents go through a series of in-depth training sessions, which include group counseling sessions and one-on-one counseling sessions, to give individuals the confidence to grow into the best. versions of themselves.

In 2010, the fashion world was dominated by female models who made up over 80% of a modeling agency’s talent pool. Due to the need for diversity these days, more than 30% of the talent pool in 2019 represented male models, up from just 19% in 2010. The same growing trend is also seen across races, ethnicities and genders. age groups. However, the modeling industry still has a long way to go in terms of model inclusiveness and processing.

For both male and female models to thrive, building a unique and outstanding brand is crucial, and the best modeling agency helps individuals develop their distinct presence in the industry through various mediums, channels, and platforms. Beverly Hills has helped several industry veterans and newbies make their mark and walk the path of self-discovery to find their true potential.

To join the Beverly Models team, applicants can fill out the online form on the company’s website with all the required details and submit it to receive a call from industry experts and thought leaders. Keeping in mind the need for diversity and inclusiveness, Beverly Models considers each talent profile for a wide range of niches and helps them focus on building a brand around the niche that best suits their growth. in the modeling career.

Beverly Models spokesperson Nitin Sarna is confident that the agency’s international network of agency partners will attract the most diverse talent. Elaborate on the importance of such diversification and inclusion for a company that aspires to become the best modeling agency.

Based in Los Angeles with numerous international subsidiaries, Beverly Models is an up-and-coming player in the talent and modeling agency industry. Aspiring and working tirelessly to bring new faces to the forefront of multiple mediums including digital, advertising, print, media and runway, Beverly Models harnesses the skills of its talents and helps them achieve their true potential. For more information, please visit If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected], or call +1-223 238 3759.

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