Canadian company supports police and Department of Health with COVID-19 masks

Group photo with sending of face masks. LR Dr Yogesh Choudhri Senior Adviser MHMS, Ms Pauline McNeil, Permanent Secretary MHMS, Mr Mostyn Mangau Commissioner of Police, Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana Minister of Health, Cornelius Walegera Assistant Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Wesley Kukutu Director National Medical Store.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the Royal Solomon Islands Police [RSIPF] commended Canadian company Novoshield for their support in mobilizing and delivering 16,800 level 3 face masks to boost the continued health and police work against COVID-19 in the country.

Minister of Health Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana joined Commissioner of Police Mr Mostyn Mangau, Under Secretary of the Foreign Office Cornelius Walegerea, health officials and National Medical Store staff gathered this afternoon for an official event with a Canadian flag as part of the appreciation of the wonderful support received from the Canadian company Novoshield who donated the medical masks and the cargo from Air Canada who transported the cargo with the support of Solomon Airlines in the country.

“Thank you all for coming to this special event where all of us, on behalf of our government and our people, pay tribute to the people of Canada whose support has made it possible to deliver a sum of 16,800 level 3 surgical masks manufactured in Canada and N95. masks to support our continued fight against COVID-19,” said Minister Togamana.

Of the 16,800 face masks, 8,000 masks are allocated to RSIPF officers working on the frontline against COVID-19 while the rest will be distributed at health service points across the country.

In his brief remarks, Minister of Health Dr Togamana said the country is still grappling with COVID-19, with current efforts focusing on preventing the entry of new variants, mitigating the spread of Omicron and Delta variants in the country, patient management and prevention. further loss of life.

“In doing so, our COVID-19 workers in health, police and other sectors are providing essential support in their efforts to help combat COVID-19. It is paramount to ensure that they remain healthy and that any risk to their health and life is mitigated. Therefore, these supplies received from Canada will contribute significantly to the safety of our officers in the performance of their duties, against COVID-19,” said Minister Togamana.

Police Commissioner, Mr. Mostyn Mangau, said that as a recipient, the force would also like to express its appreciation to the people of Canada and all those who helped facilitate the delivery of the masks for the benefit of first responders.

“These face masks will surely help my officers who support health frontliners during this time of community transmission of COVID-19 and the force looks forward to continuing its relationship with police in Canada,” Commissioner Mangau said.

The Ministry of Health and the Royal Solomon Islands Police have recognized Mr Ashwant Dwivedi, Hon. Consul General to Canada who was instrumental in liaising with Canadian organizations to gain their support.

“In expressing our appreciation, allow me to quote Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi, our Honorary Consul General of the Solomon Islands to Canada, who was instrumental in liaising with Novoshield, whose efforts made it possible for the masks to be delivered here today. today,” said Minister Togamana. .

Minister Togamana also acknowledged and thanked the management and workers of Air Canada and Solomon Airlines for coordinating the delivery of cargo to Honiara as part of the humanitarian support.

“Again thank you to our Hon. Consul General to Canada, Mr. Dwivedi, who continues to seek Canadian support for our frontline workers, to Novoshield Company, Air Canada and Solomon Airlines for the supplies we are now receiving and will deploy for our COVID-19 workers.

Source: MHMS/RSIPF Media

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