Check Out These Accredited Psychotherapy Classes For Under $40

What makes a good psychotherapist? Since psychotherapy is also known as “talking therapy”, it is probably primarily about a strong ability to communicate and listen, to express your thoughts while being empathetic and compassionate. This psychotherapy training package will guide you through the practicalities of what you need to learn if you want to expand your knowledge in the field.

Stories abound of people suffering from mental illness, depression, trauma, stress, anxiety, and more. There’s no doubt that these conditions have always been around, but they have come to the fore over the past decade, in large part thanks to so many people who have stepped forward to help lessen the stigma of it all. According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 75% of people who enter psychotherapy experience some benefit from it. The therapy helped improve emotions and behaviors and produced positive changes in the brain and body.

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If this is an area of ​​study that interests you, these ten courses (six of which are accredited by either the International Association of Therapists or the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association) will help you become a psychotherapist. We all know that there is no cookie-cutter method to dealing with patients, so it is beneficial to be able to practice a variety of methods to determine what works. Included are courses in professional neuro-linguistic programming, a method of stimulating personal development by promoting skills such as self-reflection, confidence and communication, psychology and addiction therapy, a specialized module focusing on alcohol and drug abuse, dialectical behavior therapy, a method designed to help treat borderline personality disorder, and Gestalt therapy, a form of psychotherapy focused on increasing awareness, freedom and of a person’s autonomy, and much more.

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Highly rated and taught by instructors working in the field, including motivational psychologist Elmira Strange and business/psychology expert Professor Paul Cline, these courses are normally valued at $199 each, but you can get all ten of them. now for just $35.99. Whether you are considering a career change, are already in the field, or just have a general interest in studying psychotherapy, this set is for you.

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