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Discovery Transitions Outpatient, based in Van Nuys, Calif., is pleased to highlight how its outpatient rehabilitation facilities are helping save lives. Many are unaware of the potential of outpatient care rather than an inpatient stay, but it can make all the difference for the right clients. Outpatient rehabilitation is indeed sufficient, according to the center, to help ensure the sobriety of clients who have busy schedules and cannot interrupt their lives for residential care for many different reasons. Learn more here: Outpatient treatment can save your life.

Discovery Transitions offers clients a way to break the cycle of addiction and help them build the foundation for recovery and a new drug-free life. Adults who are motivated to show up, stay accountable and take action can participate in Discovery Transitions’ outpatient addiction treatment and expect to regain their sobriety permanently. An outpatient addiction treatment center should be client-focused and adaptable to their needs, as is the case at Discovery Transitions. This helps clients develop a plan that allows them to meet other commitments, such as caring for children or working. A certified addiction treatment that has the experience and expertise to rely on is what will make the difference in a client’s life.

There are different options for outpatient therapy. In most cases, clients can expect to find ongoing support programs, family therapy, individual and group therapy, and even educational activities. Discovery Transitions also offers alternative addiction treatments, such as neurofeedback, which have been shown to nearly double recovery rates in clients. To read more about the effectiveness of outpatient services, click here: Outpatient rehabilitation sufficient to return sobriety.

Discovery Transitions programs are known to be intensive in nature. As a result, people struggling with addiction can still get the level of treatment they need to achieve their recovery goals. Many also combine their participation in 12-step programs (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous) with their outpatient therapy. For those wondering if outpatient treatment is right for them, outpatient addiction therapy offers the same type of therapy as residential addiction treatment. Clients in both of these programs can take advantage of individual and group therapy sessions, as well as participate in 12-step support groups and other groups.

Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers also often have similar rules and expectations, including checking in with therapists or counselors on a regular basis. Outpatient programs tend to be more open than residential drug or alcohol treatment, allowing a person to fit a recovery program into their existing schedule. Intensive outpatient programs can last between 1 and 6 months or longer, depending on the needs of the client. The free, comprehensive Discovery Transitions treatment assessment will help assess what individualized level of addiction management may be right for each individual. While enrolled in an outpatient clinic, a client will receive a weekly private session with their addictions counselor. They must also participate in interactive support groups for at least nine hours a week.

Discovery Transitions emphasizes the importance of family in the recovery process. Addiction therapy and family counseling sessions help everyone involved learn how to nurture healthy relationships to heal each member, whether they themselves are struggling with an addiction or supporting another. With their clients’ permission, Discovery Transitions’ compassionate counselors will be reaching out to loved ones weekly to help everyone involved adjust. Once you complete an outpatient course at Discovery Transitions, the support doesn’t stop. Each client leaves with a plan for continuing their relapse prevention therapy. The alumni program is available to all clients who have successfully completed the addiction treatment program. The alumni association also regularly schedules outings and offers mentorship to newcomers. This group will help clients stay in close contact with the recovery community. It’s a great way for customers to stay connected, motivated, and maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Discovery Transitions offers outpatient treatment programs for men and women looking to either begin or continue their journey of recovery from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Discovery Transitions uses a variety of treatment programs that allow each client to receive the individualized care they deserve to help them achieve long-term sobriety. The Southern California Rehabilitation Center offers a range of outpatient treatment programs to help drug addicts and alcoholics rebuild and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the intensive outpatient facility offers clients counseling in order to build the foundations they need for their recovery. Each Discovery Transitions client receives personalized care to end their struggle with prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin (and other opiates) and/or alcohol addiction to lead a sober life.

Discovery Transitions Outpatient offers much more information about their service through their official website. Customers are also encouraged to contact their representatives to follow up on any other enquiries.


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