Evanescence reveals the second book in its graphic anthology series


Evanescence has unveiled the second book in its series of graphic anthologies, Echoes of the void, which combines themes from the band’s songbook with comics. The new installment is called The Revolution of Cassandra, and it’s now on pre-order.

Created by Evanescence in collaboration with the OPUS imprint of music-focused books from the publisher and production company Incendium, The Revolution of Cassandra was written by director Eric D. Howell. It joins its original concept with the story of “Use My Voice” by Evanescence from their last album, Bitter truth, which emerged earlier this year.

See the cover and sample books below.

Evanescence singer Amy Lee says: “A few years ago my friend and video director Eric Howell sent me a screenplay he was writing called The Revolution of Cassandra. This time, instead of a film, he wanted to turn it into a graphic novel. As I read it, I kept hearing that song I was working on, “Use My Voice,” over and over in my head because I felt like the song and Cassandra were living in the same world. “

She adds, “The power of love, truth and brotherhood, stand up to the broken machine. Hold on to the belief that humanity is worth fighting for.”

Howell explains: “The Revolution of Cassandra is the story of a wicked woman who defends her beliefs in a cynical and hostile world. As one of my first readers, I asked Amy to write the front of the graphic novel if it relates to it in any way. “

He continues, “She had a strong response to the material and immediately sent me the sketch of a song she was working on. She really identified with a central idea in the story of ‘being for something. , not against everything. “The song and the story had that thematic echo like we were each clinging to the same muse at the same time – frankly, it was kind of magical.”

The first issue of Echoes of the Void found his muse in Evanescence’s songs “Better Without You” and “Wasted on You”. There will be five installments in the series total. The Revolution of Cassandra the cover was designed by Esau Escorza and Sebastian Cheng; interior art was created by a cast of several other artists.

To buy The Revolution of Cassandra To incendium.online. The first print edition of the graphic novel costs $ 18.95 and will ship in December. A limited art print is also available.

In “The Revolution of Cassandra”, a liberal humanitarian and astrology enthusiast is caught in the fires of a raging civil war and must save her sister from the firing squad of a brutal dictator. She begs for help from an arms dealer and inadvertently launches her own revolution. Cassandra stands up to be a light in the face of a cynical, ruthless and brutal world, questioning everything she believes. Running through minefields, over the jungle canopy, and facing off against an army, Cassandra has the stars and the moon on her side – at least she believes it.

Evanescence, Echoes From the Void: Cassandra’s Revolution Art book

The Revolution of Cassandra Samples

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