Global B2B Marketing Agency BNZSA Reports 237% Year-over-Year Revenue Growth for Q1 2022

Madrid, Spain

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Leading global B2B IT sales and marketing agency, BNZSA, reported 237% revenue growth in the first quarter of 2022. The increase is supported by a 159% increase in headcount, with approximately 400 employees currently on staff.

BNZSA is one of Europe’s largest B2B marketing agencies, providing sales-ready leads to many of the world’s leading technology brands, including Acer, Dell, HP, Oracle and SAP. With a 95% customer retention rate, much of BNZSA’s growth has been driven by expansion and referrals with its existing customer base.

The company has made strategic investments to enable existing clients to grow their portfolio with the agency. These include:

  • Increased global coverage: The new teams in North America and Asia-Pacific make it possible to cover more markets. 9 additional languages ​​have been added from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, bringing the total to 25 languages ​​covered by employees of 45 nationalities – meaning outreach can be covered by experts with regional and cultural knowledge.
  • Overall workforce growth: this figure has increased by 159% year-on-year, with around 400 employees currently spread over two main bases in Madrid and Tangier, with some based in the UK and France. The new Roadies program will allow BNZSA to scale faster with employees based across Spain.
  • Investment in additional services: BNZSA has adapted its data strategy and digital marketing offerings to allow customers to order additional services from a single point of contact. This promotes marketing funnel efficiency as the information is kept within the BNZSA ecosystem.
  • Strategic hires: BNZSA has invested in recruiting strategic leaders to support the next stage of growth. These include COO Johan Olberding, Intel veteran Marc Beckers as training and onboarding consultant, and data intelligence strategy expert Angela Beresford as chief information officer. .

CEO Brahim Samhoud says: “2022 is going to be a huge year for us. We have marked an important change by moving to our magnificent new campus in Las Rozas, where many multinationals have their headquarters in Madrid. But that’s just the start of our next phase – we’re building our data and digital teams to ensure we have the best predictive analytics and targeting to reach tech buyers at the right time.

“I’m proud to say that the majority of our growth is driven by referrals. We maintain a 95% retention rate and our customers are our primary advocates – we see them recommending us within their businesses, contracting us when they change jobs organizations and recommend us to their peers and contacts.

“Regardless of the many acronyms in our industry, what our clients want is leads that will convert into revenue. Our conversion rate is around 70% and growing – we are building our data and digital teams to ensure we have the best predictive analytics and targeting to reach buyers at the right time.”


BNZSA is a leading sales and marketing agency specializing in data and TV-driven demand generation, with a team of 400 people who are experts in delivering qualified, sales-ready leads. It was established in 2013 and has grown rapidly over eight years. BNZSA is privately held, has never relied on third party funding and has been profitable since day one.

The company is based in Madrid, Spain, and has offices in the UK, France and Morocco. It invests heavily in its agents who are all native speakers and deliver client campaigns in languages ​​around the world. In addition to the unique human and personal dimension of the business, BNZSA is a leader in applying technology to underpin its value proposition. He has built his own bespoke CRM platform and is a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming and machine learning technologies.

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