How Rebecca Wiener McGregor Combines Hypnosis, Mindfulness, and Breathwork to Create a Feel-Good Mindset

Rebecca Wiener McGregor is widely regarded as one of America’s top financial mindset hypnotists and mentors. Known for her spiritual practice and gratitude meditation, she has empowered thousands of people to achieve their vision and purpose.

But as this courageous conversation with Leanne Pilkington reveals, it’s not an easy path to achieving transformation, it’s a physical, mental and spiritual journey that over time will create certainty, clarity and emotional freedom. in your life.

In this deeply personal podcast, Rebecca reveals how she blends hypnosis, mindfulness, and breathwork to clarify personal and professional values.

She shares the thought process that got her through the darkest times to emerge stronger and more empowered than ever.

With her Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rebecca offers essential guidance on self-care, finding the positive, and finding the space and support you need when times get tough. become difficult.

She offers insight into how mentoring has enabled her clients to emerge stronger, more resilient, and with more exciting plans for their future ventures.

Rebecca also takes the time to share her expert advice on how to focus on living life without negative judgment but finding the balance to create a lifestyle that feels like you, not how you think you should feel.

“When you get into this practice of practicing gratitude, where you write down what you’re grateful for, what happens is your brain starts looking for more of the good in your life. All the time. J got goosebumps right now because when I started practicing gratitude it saved my emotional life” – Rebecca Wiener McGregor

Rebecca and Leanne also chat

  • Why clarifying how long you want to work and how much money you want to earn is key to creating your ideal work/life balance
  • Why self-care is essential and how to make sure you take the time and space you need with the right people around you when the going gets tough
  • How to visualize your personal and professional values ​​to achieve your short and long term goals
  • Why it’s important to slow down once in a while to speed up and the things people need to do to make sure they reach their goals
  • How to rediscover the joy of your professional career and pass it on to your clients
  • How to Open Your Creative Channels to Abundance and Become the Most Successful Version of Yourself
  • The steps to building a dream life and business by your own standards and values

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