I’m a human behavior expert – here’s how to tell if someone is lying to you and it’s not just about body language

LIARS are hard to spot, especially if they are good at it.

Nobody likes to be fooled, but sometimes lying is beyond us.


A human behavior expert says there are three telltale signs if someone is lying to you1 credit
Eyes are a dead giveaway


Eyes are a dead giveaway1 credit

A behavioral and dating expert named Kate Kali has gained over 85,000 followers on her TikTok account @kate_kalie, thanks to her videos that offer relationship advice and therapy tips.

She recently said that there are several ways to “spot a liar.”

In the clip, she began, “Quick warning, there is actually no body language or face reading that denotes a lie.

“What you’re looking for instead is a deviation from that person’s normal.”


The first thing you should look at, Kate says, are the person’s eyes.

“Someone who lies will often increase their blink rate.

If you see someone moving their eyes more than usual, you might want to ask yourself what they are telling you.

The second giveaway, Kate said, is how they position their bodies.

“Because lying is actually a painful experience for a normal human being, they will have to create physical distance or turn away from you in some way if they are lying.”

Most liars don’t want to get too close to the person they’re lying to.


The last thing some people do, Kate explained, is make up for their lie by acting too nice.

“People who lie sometimes become very polite all of a sudden.”

This may seem like odd behavior, but the neurolinguistic programming practitioner said she sees it often.

Many commentators, however, said his advice only worked for beginners, and the best of the best could always get away with their lies:

” I do not believe that. I know people who believe their own lies and it’s scary,” one person wrote.

“It definitely doesn’t work for narcissists. They are clever liars! added another.

Someone who lies will likely create a physical distance between themselves and the person they are lying to.


Someone who lies will likely create a physical distance between themselves and the person they are lying to.1 credit

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