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Mindvalley, an online learning platform that offers personal development lessons from celebrities and the world’s top coaches, launched several new programs, called Quests, this year. IMHO Reviews discusses the best new and upcoming Mindvalley courses in their latest article.

“Mindvalley is a platform that continues to grow and innovate. They are always adding new features to make the user experience even better. For example, by the end of 2022, the company will offer students a unique program under the new AI-based learning. This will allow Mindvalley to personalize each person’s preferences, goals and behaviors so they can learn and transform in their own way,” said Vitaliy Laho, owner of IMHO Reviews.

One of the most anticipated Mindvalley quests of the year is called Total Self Confidence. It is taught by behavioral scientist and renowned hypnotherapist Paul McKenna. The program lasts 15 days and consists of daily 20-minute video lessons, or four hours in total. The course which was recently launched already has more than 20,000 registered students. The goal of this course is to empower learners with resilience, confidence, and self-confidence using three powerful hypnotic technologies: clinical hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and psychosensory therapy. Currently, all students who sign up for the Total Self Confidence Quest will also have access to three bonus hypnotic trances.

The second new Mindvalley quest discussed in the IMHO Reviews article is called Magnetic Charisma. Vanessa Van Edwards, a body language trainer and behavioral investigator specializing in science-based interpersonal skills, is the trainer for this course. The duration of the magnetic charisma is 14 days. The course focuses on releasing charisma, developing a powerful presence, and transforming the way a person interacts with others. This quest includes lessons on a variety of topics, including influencing others, creating instant empathy, building relationships and networks, and overcoming public speaking and social anxiety.

IMHO Reviews also talks about the 3 most important questions quest which was created by the founder of Mindvalley and a well-known expert in the field of human development, Vishen Lakhiani. This six-day course teaches how to define a clear purpose for life, set and achieve goals, and make the best choices for well-being, career, and relationships.

“This year, Mindvalley will launch seven new quests: Body Language for Dating and Attraction, Building an Unstoppable Brand, Build Your Dream Community, Course Pro, Quantum Jumping, Scale Your Business to $1M, Sixth Sense Superpower. Trailers for these courses are yet to be released, but the trainers are great as always and the quests seem interesting. Personally, I’m excited about two courses in particular: Build an Unstoppable Brand taught by Brand Building Strategist Jeffrey Perlman who will be sharing his techniques for creation of a transformational brand, and Sixth Sense Superpower created by Intuitive Master Guide and Spiritual Teacher Sonia Choquette who will learn how to overcome blocks that obstruct intuition and become a sixth sensory superhuman,” said Vitaliy.

According to the article, Mindvalley membership includes unlimited access to all courses in the catalog, including upcoming courses, weekly live courses with celebrities and world-class experts, such as Maye Musk, Matthew McConaughey , Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Gary Vaynerchuk and Marie. Forleo, access to Mindvalley’s private social network and meditation app called Omvana. Right now, the company is offering a $100 discount on its annual subscription which costs $399 per year (regular price is $499 per year).

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