Increase in Department of Transport transactions in the first quarter of 2022

Doha: The Ministry of Transport recorded an increase in transitions in the maritime and land transport business sector in the first quarter of this year compared to the last three months of 2021.

The department completed 3,309 transactions through Shipping Affairs in the first quarter of this year. It increased by 6.2% compared to the last quarter of 2021.

Out of a total of 3,309, 3,114 transactions were related to maritime vessel core services, maritime license services and maritime affairs core services while 195 transactions were related to maritime system services, the Ministry of Transport said on its account. Twitter.

According to previously released data, the Department of Transportation completed a total of 14,535 transactions in 2021. It included 3,173 transactions by the Shipping Affairs in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the first and second quarters of 2021, the Department of Transportation Affairs maritime had carried out 3,537 and 4,382 transactions respectively.

The maritime transport sector is committed to developing and modernizing the sector in line with the ministry’s strategic plans to ensure safe maritime navigation that meets all safety requirements and obligations, and to keep pace with international maritime developments through creative and effective application of international maritime instruments. and observing emerging trends and the latest publications.

The Ministry of Transport carried out 3,032 transactions through its land transport sector in the first quarter of this year. Of the total deals, 2,007 were for land transport licensing, 879 were for land transport planning, and 146 deals were for traffic engineering and road safety.

The ministry carried out 6,657 transactions through its land transport sector in 2021 and in the fourth quarter of 2021, some 2,991 were carried out by the land transport sector.

The Land Transport Planning of the Land Transport Sector defines the general policy for land and rail transport activities. It prepares the necessary studies and design plans, as well as the planning of the construction and development of land and rail transport networks in coordination with the competent authorities of Qatar.

The mission of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is to build an integrated and efficient transport system that uses state-of-the-art technologies to serve all local sectors while connecting Qatar to the wider regional and international economy.

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