Laura King’s New Online Course Helps Riders Reach Their Personal Best

Laura King is the creator of The Power To Win online course.

At the intersection of elite riders, Laura King is a certified hypnotist, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, life and athletic performance coach, and founder and president of Summit Dynamics, a consulting service dedicated to helping others to achieve their goals. His new online course, The power of Wi-Fin, gives riders of all skill levels an edge over their competition.

As an accomplished equestrian and an expert in personal development and positive behavior modification, King has helped thousands of riders. She has also published several books and produced over 300 self-hypnosis MP3s on topics such as peak performance, stress management, and goal achievement.

His new online course, The power to win, teaches how hypnosis and NLP can help anyone easily overcome fear, build confidence, and achieve unprecedented success while using the mind to create lasting and beneficial change.

“Laura is the best in the business. She and her hypnotherapy have had a huge impact and an important part of my successful career and personal life, ”said Robert Dover, six-time Olympic dressage medalist and trainer.

Experts agree that having the right mindset can make or break an athlete.

“Laura helps you understand what’s going on in your mind when you’re good and when you’re not. It’s amazing, ”said show jumping champion Margie Goldstein-Engle.

The power to win The online course takes participants through seven classroom clinics, supported by hypnosis MP3s, subliminal affirmations with music and an eBook / audiobook, and includes an introduction to the natural laws of the mind, how memorize tests and lessons more easily, fearlessly master show and jump, and release performance anxiety.

This life-changing complete set, valued at over $ 1,900, is now available for only $ 399. Learn more at

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