Loans for New Businesses and Entrepreneurs

There is much talk about innovation, about having good ideas and carrying them out, about entrepreneurship, but is it easy? To start a business the basic and fundamental thing is to have some liquidity to face an initial investment that will surely require the start-up of this. Sometimes we are not lucky to have that initial capital to be able to invest it in our idea but we do have a business plan in which we trust and know that it will pay off, an idea in which to deposit our illusion and dedication, so we should not allow money to be an impediment to move forward with what we want to do. There is always a solution to the lack of capital, there are banking products to be able to undertake although we must be careful not to borrow much, one must plan well what he will need and in how long he will be able to obtain benefit and he will be able to pay what he is going to request.  


Financial solutions for entrepreneurs

Financial solutions for entrepreneurs

There are entities that offer financial solutions for entrepreneurs, usually for young people up to 35 years and grant loans without collateral. The project must be presented together with the development and innovation plan that the idea itself provides, apart from the management that will be carried out, the product or service offered, the process and its commercialization.

They also ask almost all banks as an essential requirement when giving such a loan, a general business plan and a financial plan. On the other hand, there are other types of loans in a personal capacity but with the purpose of starting a business or the self-employment of a natural person, although these are smaller than the previous one.


Request a personal loan 

personal loan 

Finally, if you ask us for too much documentation and we are tired of waiting since this type of procedure usually goes for long, we always have the option of requesting a personal loan in other entities such as Happybank that offers up to € 10,000 to be repaid in 5 years, Copidis where You can ask for up to € 6,000 with a margin of 3 years or, if we need more initial capital, Ingdirect offers up to € 60,000 to be returned in 7 years. It is well to contemplate all the options before an innovative and successful business idea.