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A popular internet platform has recognized a local woman as the winner of the Malibu Small Business Award for 2022.

Barbara Jean Carey was honored by, a platform similar to LinkedIn but designed for small businesses. Alignable enables small businesses to connect with each other with the goal of supporting each other.

“It’s a great, cool platform because everyone just wants to help out,” Carey said of the website.

Alignable canvassed its members in different cities to determine which small businesses helped their communities, especially during the difficulties of operating during the pandemic.

“The next thing I know is I got a notice that I was nominated,” Carey said flabbergasted. The Malibu Times. “I was surprised. The next time you know, I got congratulations, saying that your colleagues and peers in the city of Malibu in the small business community voted you Businessman of the Year in Malibu Wow, I was honored.

Carey’s company is called The Confident Mind. She is a certified hypnotherapist, neurolinguistic programming practitioner, life coach and relationship specialist.

Carey specializes in addictions. She practices at the Seasons Recovery Center in Malibu and also in her own private practice on the Pacific Coast Highway near Las Flores.

Carey helps clients overcome addictions and relieve mental health stress. The nearly 40-year-old Malibu resident has been practicing locally for 17 years.

“I love working with clients who are willing to help themselves by going the extra mile,” she said. “Clients who are willing to let go of these self-limiting false beliefs that are held in their subconscious. Clients who will allow themselves to step into their authentic selves and live a life of health, wealth, happiness, success and of love.

Carey described her work saying, “I bypass the conscious mind. I bypass the critical mind and go into the subconscious mind to figure out what’s there to keep creating those unwanted beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and then we change it because the subconscious mind that formed between zero and 8 years old won’t allow me to remove anything without replacing it with something else.

This reporter has personally seen Carey’s compassion at work. Two and a half years ago, at a community event in Malibu, we separately and independently witnessed a fatal accident involving a pedestrian on the Pacific Coast Highway. While this reporter was covering the accident for The Malibu Times, Carey was quickly at the scene of the crash providing therapeutic comfort to the parties involved, including the bereaved widow of the deceased. She remained at the scene for hours into the night until the crash investigation was completed and even offered her support to other witnesses after the tragic incident without charge.

“Malibu means so much to me. This community here means so much,” Carey said. “If I can help in any way, I want to be part of it.”

Her colleague from the Seasons Recovery Center in Malibu, Erin O’Bryan, a holistic health coach, called Carey “one of the most compassionate people I know – such a generous, compassionate human being.” This is reflected in the work she does. She is the real deal. She’s very genuine and people get that from her.

“I’ve seen her work miracles encouraging people to follow their life path or overcoming phobias, addictions and everything from everyday obstacles to huge ones. She makes such a difference. She’s a powerful human. She is one of those lucky people in your life journey if you can call her your friend.

Carey said she considers her talent for helping people a “responsibility”.

“I feel like if I can reach out to people and explain why they have certain behaviors, why their emotions are activated, why these patterns keep repeating themselves – if I could show them that and help change them, that their life is going to be so much more fulfilled,” she said. “It makes me happier than you can imagine. It makes me feel like I was put on this earth for a purpose and I’m doing what helps. He’s trying to help a client see what’s no longer working for him. If I have that ability to show that to people, then it’s my responsibility to do that.

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