Michelle Brain, founder of Birthing in Trance, helps mothers have the wonderful experience of childbirth

The midwife uses her professional experience and wealth of knowledge to positively reconfigure the mindset of her clients

After years of research, self-hypnosis has been shown to help women giving birth manage pain and relax while enjoying the birth of their baby, without medication or surgery. Michelle Brain, founder of Birthing in Trance, believes that traumatic births are the result of improper intervention – interfering in the birth process and inducing a baby when he is not ready to be born. According to her, as a midwife, she believes that the only tool a woman needs for a natural birth is her birthing trance, because the rest comes naturally.

Birthing in Trance is the culmination of Michelle’s over three decades of practice as a registered nurse, 20 years as a midwife and the last 5 years specializing in formal qualification as a clinical hypnotherapist. Michelle has always used trance to help women give birth, as it is what women do naturally if left without the strong outside voices of intervention. It is a special place where women go and exclusive to them; where they can relax, dream, imagine and call on inner strength, guidance and wisdom to bring their babies into the world. Trance birth does not depend on a woman’s prenatal classes or hypnobirthing classes, but on her state of mind and reaching her inner place of peace.

Birth in trance is a wonderful alternative to hypnotherapy for childbirth, mothers become interested in natural childbirth and begin with good intentions to attend hypnobirthing classes and soon find that it is too expensive or inconvenient. Also, hypnobirthing and similar methods can be very confusing. However, Birthing in Trance is an online course, priced at a fraction of the cost of most hypnobirthing courses and available 24/7. The class also comes with a private Facebook group for Michelle’s birth support.

For more information, please visit https://birthingintrance.com Where www.michellebrain.com

About Michelle Brain

Michelle Brain is the hypnotist midwife who gave birth to 13 of her own children naturally. She has also helped all of her grandchildren around the world including many women over 20 as a qualified midwife all over Australia from the outback to the cities – beautiful natural births and stimulating. She is extremely passionate about showing women how easy it is to find that inner voice of wisdom.

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