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Pinnacle Treatment recently opened a new location in Painesville with the addition of Painesville Treatment Services.

The center is now one of 20 Pinnacle Services locations in Ohio and will specialize in rehabilitating people with addictions to harmful substances.

“We save lives every day,” said executive director Jessica Brissel. “We’re stopping people from overdosing and getting into fentanyl, we’re stopping people from sharing needles.”

Brissel worked as a counselor for over a decade on individual development plans before moving to group homes. She earned a master’s degree in counseling and eventually became the facility’s executive director.

Painesville Treatment Services Executive Director Jessica Brissel, left, stands next to Councilor Dionne Schebor and MA Cierra Cole, right, at the new facility. (John Butler – The News-Herald)

The facility, which opened on March 7, offers patients counseling sessions; case management and referral services; access to peer support specialists; teleconsultation sessions and much more. A registered nurse will be stationed at the center daily to care for patients and a doctor is scheduled to visit the facility weekly.

The center can provide medical support for patients in opiate withdrawal and support them in their transition to sobriety. The center also offers specialized health services for pregnant women and contains a laboratory for serology, urine screening, screening for tuberculosis, pregnancy and STDs.

If a patient’s needs cannot be met at their current facility, the center will facilitate transportation to another of their locations to provide care.

According to the 2021 Lake County Drug Overdose Monitoring Report, more than 37% of these events occur in the 44077 ZIP Code. The center chose Painesville to help reduce the number of fatal overdoses and to help people suffering from drug addiction.

“I think this facility can offer so much to the community,” Brissel said. “We meet people where they are and can use our services, (who) had nowhere to go tonight, had no clothes or didn’t know where their next meal was coming from. We can sit down with them and find those resources and no one will walk through those doors without having their needs met.

Painesville Treatment Services hopes to begin group therapy sessions when more patients join the facility and aims to continue its work to help the community.

“One person can’t handle addiction on their own — they need a team,” Brissel said. “That’s what we hope to deliver.”

The Painesville Treatment Center will hold a Grand Opening Ceremony from 2:30 to 4 p.m., May 11.

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