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In the 11th episode of The horse illustrated the morning horses episodesponsored by title sponsor Straight Arrow Products, hosts Glenn the Geek, Holly Caccamise and Sarah Evers Conrad chat with sports psychologist Laura King, clinician Jason Irwin and clicker coach Sandra Poppema.

Hosts: Holly Caccamise, editor of Horse Illustrated & Young Rider, Sarah Conrad, former digital content editor of Horse Illustrated & Young Rider, and Glenn the Geek, host of Horses in the Morning.

Title Sponsor: Straight Arrow brand family

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Laura King, Sports Psychologist

Laura King, sports psychologist and author of The Power to Win. Photo courtesy Laura King

As an accomplished equestrian and expert in self-improvement and positive behavior modification, Laura King has helped thousands of athletes create positive, lasting change. She has published seven books on hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, and recorded over 150 self-hypnosis MP3s on topics including stress management, performance advanced, public speaking and overcoming illness. She has a new online course, Power To Win, which she will describe in more detail with us today.


Jason Irwin, clinician and horse trainer

Jason Irwin and his wife Bronwyn with two of their horses. Photo courtesy of Jason Irwin

Jason and his wife, Bronwyn, operate Jason and Bronwyn Irwin Horsemanship. Together they teach clinics on a wide range of topics including general riding, problem solving, freedom training, advanced riding, foal starting and more. They present horse shows, do training demonstrations all over North America, offer videos and other training products, and are the hosts of The Horse Trainers television show.

Facebook: JB Irwin Horse Riding
TIC Tac: @the_horse_trainers

Sandra Poppema, founder of HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy

Sandra Poppema and Kyra, the wild horse she talks about in the podcast. Photo courtesy Sandra Poppema

Sandra is the founder of the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy and trains riders around the world through online classes and coaching. In 2009, Sandra transformed a wild filly named Kyra into a confident horse that seeks human contact in just three weeks. Sandra has developed a training system to help others become self-directed clicker trainers who can train their own horses using positive reinforcement and make every training and riding a win-win.

Free one-hour clicker training trial for Horse Illustrated podcast listeners:

Official site:

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