Success and mindset expert Kimberly Lebbing is launching a new podcast, Mind for Success.

Kimberly Lebbing brings her new podcast to professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to rise to the top of their industry or profession. Because of Kim’s background, years of experience, education, and certifications, she felt she wanted to amplify the need for next-level techniques and tools.

The show focuses on how successful people have overcome internal and invisible barriers in their professional and personal lives to tap into their highest potential and easily achieve their goals. Mind for Success will be hosted by Kimberly, featuring successful professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs as they share their journey to success with listeners.

“90% of success is in the mindset and professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs often focus on the wrong things when it comes to success. They invest in sales training, seminars, new strategies, and all sorts of other things that don’t solve the real problem that’s holding them back. – Kimberly Lebbing

It is important for companies to understand that subconscious barriers are the missing piece in their business that helps leaders and employees achieve more for their business. In the long run, it pays off very well for companies to hire a success and mindset expert when they need help for themselves or their sales team. By uncovering and overcoming the hidden barriers that are holding them back, they can increase their sales and ultimately their bottom line.

For more information on Mind for Success and other Kimberly Lebbing programs to help people overcome an obstacle or challenge that is preventing them from increasing their productivity, sales, or level of success, visit – Kimberly Lebbing is also present on social networks, including LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

About Kimberly Lebbing

Kimberly Lebbing is considered a success and mindset expert with 10 years of experience. Kim has a proven track record of delivering massive results for professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. She has several expert certifications over the past 9 years in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Kimberly is known for her unique 4 hour fast results process that quickly changes minds to ignite the motivation that helps them take massive action. She gets to the root of the problem and solves it so they can quickly move their business or career forward.

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