The Ministry of Transport is accelerating digital transformation

Based on the guidance from the government, the ministry requested them to be more proactive in implementing the assigned tasks, especially in the preparation of investment capital, and to continue to gradually update the new guidelines of the government and ministry to have timely adjustments to meet progress and quality requirements.

They were also tasked to actively implement the information technology projects whose investments have already been approved and to assess the infrastructure conditions and available databases to identify implementation plans in accordance with the structure of e-government and the development of the e-government plan. The transport sector has applied information technology to all its activities for many years and has achieved positive results. The digital transformation process has inherited and supported these achievements. However, digital transformation is about moving from awareness and traditional management methods to a comprehensive application of digital technology. Digital transformation is a process, not just a destination.

Digital transformation must be carried out gradually from awareness to action and must be implemented on a regular and continuous basis in all activities related to the development, management and operation of policies. It must be carried out synchronously on a large scale ~ throughout society. The implementation of digital transformation in the transport sector will be executed by state management agencies and enterprises providing transport and logistics services to users of transport services. For example, in making policies related to administrative reform, units like Vietnam Registry and Vietnam Maritime Administration have replaced all paper documents with electronic documents, bringing much convenience while saving a lot of cost. for companies.

Another example concerns the field of road management. Vietnam Road Management has developed a process to manage the operation of transport companies by applying information technology, helping to detect their violations transparently and automatically, thus helping to improve the efficiency of transport management and road safety. It is the digital transformation in the management of transport activities, which not only digitizes and computerizes the management process, but completely changes the management modes by applying technology. In the future, the ministry will continue to strongly reform state management towards digital transformation in a practical and efficient manner. Digital transformation will become a continuous and daily consciousness in all ministry activities.

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