TimeNorfolk Baby Loss Awareness Day in Colney


Parents who have been heartbroken after the loss of a baby will benefit from tailor-made support thanks to a training session for health professionals and funeral directors.

The education day is run by TimeNorfolk – the Norwich-based charity that helps people in Norfolk and Waveney who are affected by terminations, miscarriages, stillbirths and ectopic pregnancies through free counseling sessions.

It takes place at GreenAcres Colney Wood on Watton Road, Norwich on Thursday October 14th and will include real stories of parent loss experiences.

Tim Gosden, co-director of TimeNorfolk, said: “It’s about trying to help the grieving and being as sensitive as possible. It’s an incredibly dark time for people.

“If funeral directors and medical professionals have a better understanding, it makes a huge difference for parents. It can be very overwhelming for people.

“The impact of losing a baby can be completely devastating. It is life changing.

“People who experience a stillbirth and miscarriage can feel isolated and this can cause depression and anxiety.”

He said it was important for funeral directors and medical professionals, including midwives, to know how to best communicate with parents and families after a loss, as this helps the grieving process. .

Anne Beckett-Allen, founder of Rosedale Funeral Home, based in South Norfolk
– Credit: Rosedale Funeral Home

Anne Beckett-Allen, founder of South Norfolk-based Rosedale Funeral Home, who will speak at the event, said: “Parents’ grief is compounded if they do not receive the proper support. decision or families are not in the right place to talk about something, so they have no choice.

“It is important to sit with them and allow them to grieve. It helps people recognize the baby.

“Creating a memory box is very important. When you have limited time to create memories, the ones you have are even more special to cherish.

“It is very important to give people time, not to rush people into decisions and to give them a choice.”

People must book the £ 15 course by October 8th.

Visit www.timenorfolk.org.uk or call 01603 927487 to reserve a spot.

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