Turlock Calvary Chapel is the subject of a major town center expansion project

The process of transforming a former downtown nightlife and restoration spot into a place of worship is progressing for Calvary Chapel Turlock.

The local church is building a brand new sanctuary, meeting rooms and children’s play areas to accommodate their growing number of weekly service attendees at their location at 147 S Broadway Ave., the former site of On Broadway with Two Guys and Red Brick Bar-grill.

Pastor Rob Monroe acquired the space in 2016, sharing a side with the former restaurant and caterer On Broadway with Two Guys. After the neighboring business’ lease expired in 2016, Monroe and her team worked on combining the room within the address.

Calvary Chapel moved into the former downtown nightlife and dining venue in 2016.

Monroe explained that the expansion was necessary given that they recently had to turn people away due to State Fire Marshall codes.

“The new sanctuary is going to give us a lot more room for everyone to come together,” Monroe said. “Our current sanctuary fills up pretty quickly and then the rest of the people have to come over and watch TV, so we’re a bit split on Sunday mornings, but we all want to be together in the same place. is the main objective, that everyone is together.

Monroe was originally a member of the management team at Calvary Chapel Modesto while spending most of his time as an airplane pilot. While a member of the Modesto church, he was also trained in ministry. When Turlock’s Calvary Chapel needed a pastor in 2008, Monroe officially made the transition.

Originally located on North Orange Street, Monroe explained that the church would usually only see around 25 people attending services. Over the years, that number has grown to more than 400. He believes the church’s simplified approach to teaching the Bible appealed to much of the Turlock community.

“We keep things very simple here. We are not really formal like other religious groups. You know, there are people who have liturgies and that kind of stuff, but we’re just pretty laid back,” Monroe explained. “We just teach the Bible and go through the Bible verse by verse, line by line and it seemed to resonate with people.”

The public was also drawn to the work of Minister Kenn Mann. Mann has been recognized for his songwriting and musical performances over the years, including winning a Dove award, which is equivalent to a Grammy in the Christian music industry. He leads worship services at Calvary Chapel Turlock and has expressed his gratitude for the increased interest and attendance at the church.

“We’re grateful, very grateful that so many people are coming out and just to worship and hear the word,” Mann said. “We’re at the point where we have to turn people away, and we hate to turn people away from the gospel of Jesus. We are hoping and praying that things will be done so that we can move in by Easter.

However, the expansion is not limited to the interior of the building. The church, which has a large patio, is currently building a playground for children. Monroe feels a playground and outdoor space could greatly accommodate the church’s Sunday School program for infants through 5th grade.

To get involved in the church and its programs, Monroe encourages the public to take just one easy step.

“The first step is just to show up and enjoy this service and worship with us and let us know,” he said.

Services are held every Sunday morning at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. More information about Calvary Chapel Turlock can be found at www.ccturlock.com.

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