Udupi: Mind mapping, hypnosis session held at Trinity Central School

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Udupi, May 24: A “Mind mapping and hypnosis” session was organized for teachers at Trinity Central School, Perampalli. Internationally renowned mind trainer, psychologist and success coach Dr. Surfraz J Hasim led the session.

Dr. Surfraz J Hasim is also known for his motivational speaking skills, hypnotherapist and master trainer and facilitator. He has had advanced training in various programs such as Hypnosis, Mind Power, Counseling, Neurolinguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Sujok Healing, Redikall and Pranik. He is currently Principal of PA First Grade College, Mangaluru. In order to train young minds, teachers and professionals, he developed a skills development and consulting company named Sadhana Academy.

Mind mapping is about writing down a central theme and thinking about new and related ideas that radiate out from the center. By focusing on key ideas written in your own words and looking for connections between them, one can set goals and achieve them.

Addressing the teachers during his training session, Dr. Surfraz J Hasim said “A teacher not only guides students in academic or extracurricular activities but is also responsible for forming a child to be a better human being. He edified teachers to understand their role in fostering the He explained that everything happens for good and that the belief system plays a vital role in the concept of mind control. the three stages of the mind and explained the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

He demonstrated different activities for teachers to define and interpret the power of the mind. He gave a hands-on exhibit stating that the human mind can make the human body as strong as a steel bridge just by following the method of hypnosis. He also proved that the body can be as flexible as moving 180 degrees simply by controlling the mind.

Dr. Hasim also talked about the need to set goals in one’s life. It initiated the requirement to set SMART, S-specific, M-measurable, A-action-oriented, R-realistic, T-temporal goals.

A 25 minute hypnosis session was also conducted by Dr. Hasim.

Father Anil D’costa, Principal Father Ravi Rajesh Serrao, Vice-Principal Father Lenson Lobo and all the teachers participated in the session. Talia Fernandes hosted the rally. Rashmi offered a vote of thanks.

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