Vidyadhar Wabgaonkar promoted to CEO of FCB Cogito


FCB Group India has announced the appointment of Vidyadhar Wabgaonkar as CEO of FCB Cogito, the Group’s independent consulting arm in India. The Group also recently announced the restructuring of operations into a three-branch structure of FCB Ulka, FCB Interface and FCB India. The rise of Vidyadhar Wabgaonkar is a further step in improving the Group’s 360 degree capabilities.

As an independent branding and marketing consultancy arm, FCB Cogito has advised leading Indian and international companies in various aspects of branding and marketing, diversification decisions, entry strategy, the brand in preparation for future and future competition. He has built salient knowledge assets for the Group, such as Auto Mood, Woman Mood, Brand Relationship Style Monitor, A Decade of the Rise of Patanjali and several others. It is also the way for the Group to claim a place at the CXO table, ahead of the competition.

Vidyadhar Wabgaonkar, better known as Wabs, has been running FCB Cogito for over four years now. A Gold Medalist in Engineering and an MBA from IIM Kolkata, Wabs has a wealth of marketing experience that includes stints at P&G India and MARICO Industries. It has made many brilliant brands in the country shine and stand out in the competitive market. His unique expertise lies in a transparent combination of qualitative and quantitative aspects and in the application of the principles of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to marketing and business management. He is also a certified life coach and master practitioner in NLP. Under the umbrella of Wabs, FCB Cogito Consulting has become known for its powerful proprietary products such as “Chess” to prepare clients for competition and the future and “Brand Hormone” to rejuvenate brands.

The Group is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, and this rise comes at a crucial time as the agency projects itself into the next 60 years in India. Speaking on the rise of Wabs, Nitin Karkare, Vice President of FCB Ulka, said: “FCB Cogito has been the secret weapon in our arsenal. It represents our ability to solve higher-order problems for our customers with data and information-driven solutions. It is our intellectual capital and a means of offering a strategic partnership to our clients. Wabs always brings a fresh perspective, and right now his unique skills will be invaluable to brands as they navigate uncharted territory.

Speaking about his new role, Wabs said, “FCB Cogito believes most clients have the resources to be successful. It is the paradigm that connects the resources that often need evolution. “Why buy me” is the most important question every brand must answer, and the answer often lies well beyond the tangible aspects of the brand. A good answer and a consensus around it, together multiply the sales and marketing force.

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