World Book Of Record London (United Kingdom) pays tribute to Dr. Navnedhi Waddhwa


It is said that good deeds are never noticed and without reward. All you need is a motto and a determination to spread the good in society. To motivate and inspire people by committing to a commitment to save, serve and educate others to stay safe during the covid-19 pandemic, the World Book Of Records (WBR) has taken the initiative to recognize and to honor these people. Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa is one such philanthropist who selflessly served society during the pandemic. The World Book Of Record of London (United Kingdom) honored its important role during Covid-19. Mr. Jasvir Singh Shinda Adjudicator and Vice President of Punjab World Book of Records London UK awarded the Certificate of Commitment for his endless efforts.

Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa believes in the power of gratitude. She strongly believes in the philosophy of giving back to society. As a humanitarian, she has a keen interest in the well-being of people. Navnedhi says, “Today I have immense gratitude for all that I have accomplished and I remain grounded in gratitude by giving back to society.” She started a free meditation marathon during the lockdown to help thousands of people cope with stress and anxiety. Along with this, she also runs the Annapoorti Food Drive to feed 11 people and feed the stray dogs every day.

Navnedhi’s expertise in NLP, Meditation, Manifestation Techniques, Numerology, Graphology (Handwriting & Signature Analyst) Vastu, Tarot Reading, and Energy Healing has helped people regain their lost happiness and purpose in life.

Dr. Navnedhi Waddhwa is the encapsulation of positivity, strength and peace. She helps lost souls connect with their inner identities. As an established meditation and transformation coach, her guidance has helped people find their true purpose in life. Trained by acclaimed author and celebrity coach Tony Robbins and acclaimed American author and co-founder of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Richard Bandler, Dr. Navnedhi Waddhwa wants to share his knowledge with other beings.

Recipient of the Times Power Woman Award, Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa is one of the 40 most influential women. She is a recipient of the India Today Excellence in Healthcare award for her work. Likewise, she received the Lokmat Lifestyle Award, 2020, for fortune telling and her work as a meditation guru. She was also featured in Forbes and was also named “The Femina Power Brand, 2021”. Dr. Navnedhi Waddhwa wears multiple feathers but his vision is clear – to serve society. she was also invited as a speaker by ET “covid Warrior”

Being a popular person, Dr Navnedhi Waddhwa is always concerned about the welfare of other beings. With her expertise in NLP, meditation, manifestation techniques, numerology, graphology, vastu, tarot reading and energy healing, she plans to initiate change and make this planet a better place.

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