“You can accomplish anything if you’re really determined and willing to put in the long hours,” insists Keith Barry

Keith Barry is a well known hypnotist, magician and entertainer from Waterford. Currently living in Kildare with his wife and two children, his show ‘The Keith Barry Experience’ now airs on RTÉ One on Saturdays at 9.50pm. Barry will also be touring soon with his new theater show ‘Reconnected’ – for more details visit keithbarry.com.

What is the most important lesson about money that your career has taught you?

That if you are truly determined and willing to put in long hours and hard work, you can achieve anything you want. Also, the money is great, but the real prize is the joy of entertaining audiences and motivating people to make a positive change in their lives.

What has the coronavirus crisis taught you about money?

We need to enjoy the benefits of a simple life – like walking in the woods, looking for food, fishing, etc. – none of this costs a lot of money. Also, I am saving now for any future emergencies that may arise. The crisis also taught me to never take anything for granted, to always be grateful and versatile.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about money?

Get paid what you’re worth, spend less and love what you do. I got this advice from my father.

What is the most expensive thing to be a parent?

Holidays and technology.

Do you always have cash on you?

Cash is still king! I mostly have it with me for emergencies. I was in a store
recently this was not accepting cards. These shops still exist!

How much would you pay at most for a bottle of wine?

€20 in store or €50 in restaurant. My tastes in wine are very simple: Pinot Grigio and Shiraz-Tempranillo.

Your favorite Irish note?

€500 – you don’t see a lot of that!

If you could design a euro banknote, who would you put on it?

Albert Einstein – to instill in people that imagination is more important than knowledge.

What is the most expensive country you have ever visited?

Australia. I remember every meal I had there costing hundreds of Australian dollars – plus an extra 10pc on Sundays.

Your biggest financial mistake?

Not buying a flat in London when the market crashed a few years ago.

Are you a spender or a saver?

Both, although more spendthrift. You cannot spend it on a coffin.

Would you buy Irish property now?

Not at the moment because the market is very inflated. I predict it will go down in 2023 – that will be the time to buy.

If you won EuroMillions, what would you do with the money?

Move to Hawaii and perform as a close-up magician for the rest of my life. (Close-up magic is walking magic performed up close and
staff where spectators are seated or standing.)

Do you haggle sometimes?

Yes. I haggled with an art dealer to get a painting that should have cost $1,000 to $300, using secret neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. (NLP is a discipline that studies how our thoughts affect our behavior).

What was your problemfirst job?

I worked at McDonald’s before going to college.

Three things you couldn’t live without if you tightened your belt?

Fishing, books and working out at the Body Byrne gymnasium in Dublin 2.

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