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How Rudi Ramin went from accounting to creating the first-ever comprehensive mental health app in the Philippines

Today, many business leaders in the workplace expect workers to go beyond eight hours on the job to the point of burnout. Archaic corporate cultures view sleepless nights and weekend work as a badge of honor that everyone should emulate.

The pandemic has taught us many things and one glaring lesson is that people have their limits and breaking points. It is not a sign of weakness or defeat. But rather, a reminder that we all need to take care of ourselves to do our best.

This is one of the issues that compelled Infinit Care CEO Rudi Ramin to understand, analyze and change. All in the palm of your hand. Ramin thinks anything that encourages growth or removes obstacles to your personal growth is something he is happy to work on.

This excitement was one of the main reasons why Ramin established Infinit Care ( in March 2020 before the pandemic hit. Infinit Care turns out to be one of Ramin’s proudest accomplishments as the company is the first to launch a mental health app in the Philippines.

Infinit Care is a comprehensive mental health care platform created specifically for businesses and organizations to offer their employees. The Infinit Care platform enables companies to support the mental health of their employees by giving them access to self-care tools and resources, 24-hour chat support, mood tracking and a online access to book virtual counseling sessions with certified coaches and counselors. . The platform also provides business leaders and HR managers with valuable usage data and insights into their employees’ stressors so that they, in turn, can design effective engagement and support strategies. .

“When you have poor mental health, you can’t even think about the future,” says Ramin. And Ramin knows exactly how short life is. “I’ve already lost a lot of people in my life,” shares Ramin. “My parents died… I therefore very early knew the inconstancy of life. And so, if that’s the case, I’d like to live my life to the fullest all the time.

Ramin is no stranger to growth. With a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Santo Tomas and being the first Filipino valedictorian of INSEAD’s prestigious Global Executive MBA program, he pushed himself to diversify into different fields and industries and to chart its own course.

“I have always been fascinated by business and started my audit career at KPMG. But I realized that I wasn’t as interested in auditing as I was in finance. I liked the business building part of a business career,” says Ramin. “So I went to marketing at Unilever where I got to manage different brands. They were the ones who got me from the Philippines to Singapore. I took on regional roles for Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific. Then I moved to Mondelez to manage cookies for Asia Pacific. Along the way, I started thinking about entrepreneurship. Simply because I love creating new innovations, new businesses and look at different models.”

Ramin felt it was the perfect time to dip his toes into something new, something innovative. And that was the tipping point for him to start building tech companies. “The first step was to switch to Google,” says Ramin. “I worked as a Brand Expert at Google for almost two years, where I helped our clients create their digital marketing strategies and communication plans. And then along the way, I completed my Executive MBA at INSEAD, which has campuses in Singapore, France and Abu Dhabi.

Ramin commuted between Singapore and France. It was there that he met his co-founders for his first start-up — Grow360 — a personal leadership development platform. He then decided to leave Google and become the CEO of Grow360. Ramin started building the company and hired his team on four different continents. For now, he is still a member of the board while his co-founder takes on the role of CEO and leads the company’s growth in the UK and Europe.

Stepping back from his first start-up freed Ramin to finally set up Infinit Care with Richard Eldridge. A network connection that Ramin had encountered in IO Labs. Eldridge is the CEO of Infinit-O, a successful BPO and advised Rudi on building a business builder.

“Instead of a venture capital firm, instead of investing in start-ups, you can create start-ups,” Ramin said. “We aligned with the belief that business is a force for good. You don’t need to start a social enterprise or be part of government to bring value to the world. This has evolved in principle. They would create a sustainable business that supports different stakeholders, not only themselves and the owners, but also the employees, the environment, the people they work with and the suppliers. Ramin and Eldridge are also firm believers in building businesses in high-growth spaces.

“We have evolved in many ways since our debut,” shares Ramin. What started as a simple online booking platform for counseling services has now grown into a comprehensive mental health platform that can support large companies and offers different care options for everyone. “We are not just a service for mental illnesses. Mental health care is not just for people who are struggling or struggling with problems. Mental health care is for everyone. Infinit Care is for everyone. And it’s demonstrated by the number of progressive companies that have signed up Infinit Care as a partner – Canva, Sykes, Inspira, SeaOil, Beauty Manila and Medical City to name a few.

As mental health awareness increases and the stigma of talking about it diminishes, our experience during the pandemic has further accelerated the conversation about seeking mental health support. “For developed countries like the United States, it has become a basic benefit for employees,” shares Ramin proudly.

Only time can truly predict how quickly Filipino companies will catch up in providing comprehensive mental health support to their employees. But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that Rudi Ramin and the entire Infinit Care team are ready and leading the charge.

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