Covid 19 Delta outbreak: More My Vaccine Passes than people vaccinated – Ministry of Health explains why

There have been 63 cases of Covid-19 in the community today, another drop from higher numbers in previous weeks.

More vaccination cards were uploaded than eligible fully vaccinated Kiwis – but the health ministry says it’s not because of fraud.

Information provided by the Department of Health yesterday showed 4,115,903 My Vaccine Pass downloads had been made, while 3,738,860 people had received a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine – making them eligible to receive a pass vaccine and enjoy the freedoms that go with it. .

The figures show that vaccine passes exceed 377,043 double-dose kiwis.

There was an explanation for the excess numbers, said Michael Dreyer, director of the Department of Health’s national digital services group.

“People can download their passes on multiple devices, so some ask for more than one My Vaccine Pass.

“People vaccinated in other countries also receive My Vaccine Pass, which will explain why more passes have been issued than there are people fully vaccinated in New Zealand.”

Vaccine passes are valid for six months. Recall shots are underway for those who were stung more than six months ago.

Passes are not needed for basic needs such as shopping in supermarkets, accessing health care, or using public transport, but under current traffic lights they should be used to enter places such as hotels, events and nearby businesses such as hairdressers and gyms.

They work by providing businesses with a QR code to scan using the NZ Pass Verifier app, which confirms vaccination status.

While some Auckland restaurateurs, who had not been able to open since August 17, called this month’s reopening a “dream come true”, others were unable to take advantage of the relaxation of the rules due to lack of staff.

Sumo Sushi owner Kiwoon Keun told the Herald he couldn’t open his 150-seat restaurant because it had been “impossible to find staff” to comply with the new rules.

“I only have two employees, and in order to control clients’ vaccination passes, I have to recruit at least two more people to stand at our two entrances, but there is no one there,” he said. he said, noting that his workers before the pandemic were typically international students or people on working holiday visas, both now excluded by the closed border.

“It’s heartbreaking to see other restaurants open when I am forced to continue operating as take out.”


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