How Artificial Intelligence Streamlines and Improves the Online Dating Experience

How Artificial Intelligence Streamlines and Improves the Online Dating Experience

Artificial intelligence can probably find the perfect love for you

Online dating through dating apps is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to meet new people. Whether you’re looking for love, fun, or adventure, a variety of different apps around the world connect people to help them achieve their relationship goals.

Artificial intelligence can play a vital role in the online dating experience by collecting your data and personalizing your experience. You might have a renewed sense of appreciation for technology when you learn how useful AI can be.

Helps provide relevant matches

It may seem that the profiles you see on dating apps are completely random or based on your provided location. While your current location and home address contribute to the selection of profiles shown to you, machine learning algorithms also play a role.

This innovative technology learns from your profile data and swipe choices to narrow down your potential dating options. Rather than seeing a random selection of suitors, you’re shown the ones the algorithms deem more suited to your interests and behavior.

Filter your messages

It might look like a invasion of privacy to have artificial intelligence filtering your messages, but it might actually be doing you a favor. As millions of people start using dating apps, unsolicited content has become a significant problem. People have been subjected to online harassment, abuse and unwanted photos. AI has changed the game by filtering this content and giving users the choice to see it or not.

For example, Bumble introduced a security feature called Private Detector with AI that detects unwanted images and lets users decide whether to open them. According to some reports, this feature is 98% accurate. Essentially, the goal of AI in this regard is to ensure that all users only see and receive the content they want delivered to them.

Creates a safer online platform

Safety is a crucial consideration in the dating scene, whether you’re online or in person. While artificial intelligence is of little use for secure in-person dating, it comes in handy in a number of online dating platform security measures.

AI can detect and ban scammers, minimize the amount of spam content people receive, and even exercise some control over photos users upload. When you add a photo to your profile, it can determine that the photo is real, current, of you, and not altered too much to mislead potential partners. Some AI security measures are also so advanced that they can detect fake accounts to potentially save people from a considerable amount of unnecessary heartache.

Promotes in-person meetings

Hinge presents itself as an application designed to be removed. When you start chatting with someone on this platform and other dating apps, the idea is to leave the app, meet in person, and see where your interactions take you.

However, some people need extra encouragement to move their communications into the real world, and you can rest assured that the AI ​​is there to provide those clues. Many platforms offer ideas on what to do when meeting in person and send out prompts to remind you how fun it can be to meet new people.

Encourages better dating experiences

Almost half of americans say that dating is much more difficult than before, which may come as a surprise to those who have managed to meet the loves of their life on dating apps. Realizing that not everyone has had an ideal experience, some app makers are using neuro-linguistic programming to improve potential dating experiences.

Some apps, like Mei Messaging App and Crush, will analyze the content of messages to help potential couples plan dates, while Loveflutter will use the same information to provide meeting place suggestions and calculate compatibility.

Suggest profile changes

Even the most talented writers find it difficult to write about themselves. This task can be even more difficult when trying to make yourself desirable for potential dates in your dating bio.

All is not lost if you didn’t create a winning profile the first time around. Some dating apps rely on AI to analyze your profile and offer suggestions to help make you more attractive to others.

Some of the most common suggestions relate to profile picture choice, such as having too many people in a photo or not showing your face clearly. The app may also recommend including more relevant information about yourselfsuch as your hobbies, career, favorite pets and foods.

You may assume that you are in complete control of your online dating experience, but artificial intelligence holds some of the cards. The next time you swipe right at a potential new love interest, you might wonder if it was you or technology that brought you together.

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