How Life Coach Forum and Falgun are transforming lives for the better!

May 12:We encounter many opportunities that can transform our lives; only if we accept them! And I’m glad that Falgun and I accepted those we met, even if it meant stepping out of our comfort zone, which changed the course of life…for the better,” says Forum Pathak, Transformational Coach , The Divine Hour Club.

I still remember the day I was scrolling through my phone, and suddenly an ad on Morning Routine Workshop popped up. Little did we know that just attending this workshop would completely change our lives. Today, we accompany several people each morning to transform their lives by guiding them through the “5-Day Divine Hour Workshop,” says Falgun Pathak, Life Coach. With 15 years of experience in Learning & Development (Corporate), and having trained more than 75,000+ professionals, coaching came naturally to him. In addition, a natural inclination towards Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) facilitated her foray into this field. Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced Life Coach and Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner, Falgun’s experience, knowledge and expertise leads his students in the right direction.

“The Divine Hour 5 Day Workshop is our second program. The first program we launched was ‘The Divine Hour 6 AM LIVE’, on Instagram & Facebook. Several attendees joined us LIVE and together we “We performed six powerful morning rituals that would bring about visible transformation in them, making them more productive. It also instilled qualities like commitment, consistency, and discipline for self-motivation,” says Forum. of divine time is an extension as it deepens the concepts of its positive impact when we spend the first 60 minutes of our day working on ourselves.The workshop extensively covers goal setting, overcoming procrastination, the power of emotions, removing negative energies, etc. The sole purpose of the couple working together is to provide transformation both internally and externally for overall well-being!

“After working as a media professional and writer for leading newspapers and magazines, I felt the need to do something substantial that would make a visible difference in our lives and the lives of others. There came a time when life seemed to be stagnating and we seemed stuck in a frantic race,” says Forum. “I was looking for different opportunities when me and Falgun attended a ‘morning routine’ workshop. The Universe probably knew what we were looking for, and he just delivered it to us. It was this workshop that gave our life a desired direction. It worked like magic, clarifying our thoughts and goals, and empowering us to take inspired action to live the life we have always wished for ourselves,” adds Forum, who is also a Law of Attraction and Emotional Intelligence coach.

It was at this time that Forum & Falgun decided to train themselves more and serve people by sharing their knowledge with them. “By practicing the morning rituals every day, we have experienced many positive changes, our relationships have improved as a couple and as a family. We easily overcame negative emotions and channeled them into a positive way. Soon we felt that with many disturbances in the world, unrest, stress, frustration that people are suffering from, life coaching is the need of the hour. We have a habit of complicating our life unnecessarily, when it is very simple, especially when we apply the basic principles on which the Universe works. Forum and I just want to pass these simple ways on to as many people as possible. said Falgun.

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