Assertive communication can contain conflict, says Dr. Vivek Nanoti


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Dr Vivek Nanoti, director of the Priyadarshani Institute of Engineering and Technology in Nagpur, said conflicts can arise in the workplace, at home, on the street or any other place. “But what matters is the approach taken to dealing with the conflict. Conflict can be very well contained if communication is assertive, ”he said, addressing a session organized by the Vidarbha Management Association (VMA) held recently. The topic of the session was “Mastering Conflict Resolution Skills for Increased Productivity”. The session took place at the Chitanvis Center, Civil Lines Nagpur. “Assertive communication in conflict means choosing the right set of words to express your point of view without letting the conflict escalate. Show that you want to resolve the sticking point through discussion. Let the other person know that their This point of view is just as valid and that a middle ground solution is always possible, “Nanoti said. He further advised participants to always remember that” together is better “.

“Pay attention to the other person’s body language and try to analyze the severity of the conflict. Apologize and forgive when necessary. On top of that, introduce a little humor to make the situation light and communicative, ”he observed. Dr Nanoti, while explaining in more detail the mastery of conflict resolution, said that conflict can be positive if one is able to understand the point the other person is trying to put forward. For this, one should focus only on the current subject of the conflict and not on the past problems with the person.

Avoiding judgmental helps, because you can really have a point that you are missing. Being wise and empathetic are useful qualities in resolving conflict, he added. After the pandemic restrictions eased, this was the first physical session of VMA. Previously, a cybersecurity knowledge exchange session was conducted by Dr Vishal Lichade as part of the “Gyan session”. Last week, a workshop on neurolinguistic programming was facilitated by Anupama Mishra from Pune.

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