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Personalized support to meet your specific care needs and challenges. Providing long-term care, whether for a parent, spouse or friend, can be stressful and put the health of the caregiver at risk. The Family Caregiver Support Program advocates for caregivers, provides information and referrals to programs and services to support your caregiving efforts, as well as helpful tools and tips for a better caregiving experience. .

It is for any caregiver living on Martha’s Vineyard, or caring for someone living on Martha’s Vineyard, especially those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or others. dementia.

Program staff
Our staff are professionally trained and have personal experience of the rewards and challenges of caregiving. We understand the complexity of managing someone’s needs at home and the impact of those responsibilities on family dynamics.

One-on-one sessions with a trained clinician to help caregivers navigate resources and manage care for themselves and their loved one. Services may include:

  • memory projections
  • advice to caregivers
  • adaptation therapy **
  • information and references
  • family reunion animation
  • Education and support for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Service charge
Please call for more information. Our goal is to provide affordable family support services to any caregiver who needs support. If you feel that you are unable to afford the fee, please let us know, and a scholarship may be available.

Caregiver advice
We can help you navigate the public and private health care system for the best plan to meet your needs. The consultation can be done at home, in an office or by telephone. We can meet with caregivers individually or as a family.

** Adaptation therapy
Adaptation therapy is a non-medical, interpersonal approach to caring for someone with memory loss. Empowerment strengthens an individual’s current capacities to improve and maintain functional independence. Learn how to simplify tasks and help your loved one participate more fully in their own care and participate actively in life. The coping approach helps the caregiver manage behaviors, reduces caregiver stress, and can help facilitate a more rewarding caregiving experience.

Support group for caregivers with dementia
The Dementia Caregiver Support Group provides a confidential and supportive atmosphere for caregivers who come together to find encouragement, comfort and guidance from others who share similar experiences and concerns. Free.

Contact the Family Caregiver Support Program at 508-939-9440. More information on

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