Space To Work adds a dose of well-being to its office rental facilities in Cambridge RUFC


Flexible work providers Space To Work has reopened, with founders Umar Sheikh and Damian Mears incorporating their wellness expertise into the community environment at the premises of the University of Cambridge Football Club in Grange Road.

The facility – originally known as CambridgeSpace – began in 2016 based in Chesterton but moved to Rugby Club in October 2018.

The company won the 2019 Coworker Members Choice Award for its welcoming environment and services. It changed its name in June 2020 and now has 24 offices and a meeting room with kitchen on Grange Road.

“There are a variety of options to join as this is a member-driven organization, so we get feedback from members and people who want to join,” says Umar. “It could be five days a week – we open Monday through Friday – or it could be one day a week, which could be two half days. It is from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with free wifi, tea and coffee.

“We place great importance on well-being, both physical and mental, so we use ergonomic furniture that is better for posture and large screens to plug in. Sometimes sports massages are offered, as well as mindfulness and yoga sessions.

“We like to make sure the members are like-minded people, maybe more like freelancers or remote workers, or people who don’t want to work in isolation.”

“It’s not just an office,” adds Damian. “It’s about values. With Space To Work, you can replicate office jokes, get help with your tweet, and chat. It’s an open office. We have had social events in the past that we need to revitalize.

Damian Mears, left, and Umar Sheikh at Space To Work. Photo: Keith Heppell

The founding duo originally met because they were neighbors. “Our wives were friends, so they arranged to meet us to play,” says Umar.

Damian adds: “I became independent just before we met; my experience is in co-working, as a consultant in the workplace, designing strategies for culture change in companies.

Umar says: “I have been in Cambridge for 15 years, six years ago I left the company where I had worked for eight years – in international food and drink – and started to focus on wellness and training for RTT, rapid transformational therapy. . “

RTT uses hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), psychotherapy, and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapies) to resolve pain and suffering. For this side of their job, the duo run a wellness retreat service called Azora Wellbeing – “we connect specifically with employers,” notes Damian.

Umar adds: “It was a whole new direction and I have to thank Damian for pushing me in that direction.”

The location of Grange Road enjoys views over the fields and a location 10 minutes from the town center. Access to Selwyn College (where lunch costs £ 6) is available. A dog welcome policy is in place. Parking is available.

Details via [email protected]. If you sign up for three months, you get one month free – terms and conditions on request.

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